Saturday, July 9, 2016

16 miles to go

Hi all....Dave's last night watch for a few days so thought I would give a quick update ;)

It's 3.54am local time and pitch dark. Ahead of us 16 miles must be a HUGE mountain on a very small island that will be our 1st sight of land in 19 days!!!! We left on June 20th at noon and should arrive at around 7am on July 9th ;)

I have been straining my eyes looking ahead but can't see anything....not even a light as the small village is on the opposite side of the island from our side of approach. It starts getting light around 5am so hopefully in the next hour I will sight our island ;)

Yesterday Guds and I spent the entire day cleaning and tidying the inside of the boat. We always had intentions of cleaning along the way but it never happened so yesterday was a big catch up day. In the afternoon Adrian and Garrick gave the outside decks a good scrub so by evening Cool Runnings looked ship shape again. We did 4 loads of laund ry so all bedding, towels and clothes were fresh when we went to sleep last night;)

In 3 weeks we have managed to exhausted many supplies (especially snacks like chips....:-)....)and have run out of a number of items so will resupply in a few days time with diesel, food and drinks.

We had the fishing lines out all day yesterday but had not even a nibble :(

It's now 4.19am. I turned off all navigation lights and I think I can just make out a faint outline of land which is now 13 miles ahead ;) yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!

Time to boil the kettle and make a nice cuppa coffee;)

Guds just woke up so said she will make coffee....even better....think we will sit on the roof the final stars fade before sunrise and spot the land ahead we have dreamed of reaching for so many years together!!!!!

Our next update Will be from land!!!!!

All the best from Dave and the Cool Runnings crew!!!!

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