Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life Raft Service

This week we took our 6 man liferaft in for service on Monday making it a family affair so that we would all know what it looked like incase we ever had to use it. This was the first time the raft has been opened since it was brand new in 2011.

The certified repacking service company (Solution One in Tampa, FL) was fantastic and allowed us to observe the unpacking, inflation etc of the raft and explained everything to us and the kids as they went through.

Unpacking our raft

Minimal emergency supplies were inside.....BUT we have a well stocked ditch bag with all of the essential items not packed in the raft.We were shown how to right the raft incase it opens upside down or flips over!

And finally before we left we all got inside the raft to see just how big...or small a 6 man liferaft is ;)

Very glad we all got to experience this and see what our raft looks and feels like. Definitely have no intentions of using it, but if we ever have to we are a little better informed now!!!!