Dave, Gudrun, Ben, Gaby

Fun facts

  1. Dave is an expert sailor.
  2. He loves to sail and work on the boat.
  3. He wishes he could still surf!

  1.  Guds is fluent in three languages.
  2. She loves to read and travel.
  3. She also loves chocolate, but aims to walk 10,000 steps a day!

  1. Ben is the IT director of the family.
  2. He loves to sail the boat.
  3. He also loves to work on this blog.

  1. Gaby loves animals.
  2. She is very adventurous and curious.
  3. She also loves to play soccer! 


  1. Gudrun,
    Sherry and I are sitting and having dinner in Wynn Las Vegas it is Sat April 30...we are so blown away by how awesome you and your family are and how cool your trip must be. Can't wait to see pictures. Wishing you the very best and godspeed. Sherry & Chris :)

  2. Gudrun,
    What is the best way to reach you? I wanted to send you an email? Miss you my dear!?