Our Boat

Our Boat is a 2011 Lagoon L400.  It has 4 cabins and 2 heads.  It is 40 feet long and 24 feet wide.

To keep his family happy, Dave has installed a hard top bimini (see post on Additions to Boat); air-conditioning, a generator, a freezer, washing machine, and 4 extra solar panels to power all the additions!  We also have a complete canvas enclosure that allows us to use the outer seating area in bad weather, which extends the living area considerably!  

Below are some pictures that will give you and idea of what our new home looks like inside and out!
This is a view of the boat taken from the top of a bridge as we were sailing through.
This was taken prior to the bimini and solar power rack additions.

 The cockpit seating area.  In the picture below you can see the helm station, which is easily accessible from inside and from the cockpit area, so whoever is at the helm is not isolated from everyone else!

A view from outside in

The galley 

Another view of the galley:
We added the cupboards at the top (thank you, David Bradford!!) for extra galley storage space

Gaby's Cabin

The Salon.  

The homeschool section!  Bins keep everything contained

 The new solar panel rack:


  1. What a great boat. Have safe travels, Dan and I will be following you along the way on the computer.

  2. Ahoy Captain and his family, How are you? I hope you are having a good time. Enjoy your journey. I hope the canvas work is standing strong. AJ

  3. Hello, please email me at southpacific333@gmail.com regarding your trip, thank you.

  4. Hi from "ex Team Shayile!!" Just loving every post you guys make. Brings back fond memories of our time on Shayile. Enjoy every minute. Goes so quickly. Look forward to meeting you all in SA. Chagos, our favorite cruising spot in the whole world. Enjoy!! Rob, B, Daniel & Jenna

  5. Hi David and family,

    Just catching up on your adventure, mostly green with envy! Both our boys see Rosemary every day in Madeira Publix, so they get little updates on the fly.

    Hope Cool Runnings has held up well to the testing conditions you have no doubt seen, presume the halyard problem is long since history.

    Hopefully we will be out on the water to welcome you back through Johns Pass when you return :)

    Best regards

    Mike, Christina, Louis and Max (Auton)