Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi from Maupiti

Hi all...just a quick note to say we finally reluctantly left Bora Bora today and sailed over to Maupiti. What an absolutely beautiful place BB was.....but the little we have seen of Maupiti this afternoon indicates this may be even better. It's supposed to be a small Bora Bora, but undeveloped and how Bora Bora was 60 years ago.

We had been waiting for a good weather window to sail over and get through its potentially dangerous pass and got a break today so headed out at 9am. We arrived here at around 2pm and seas and wind were nice....We flew just the spinnaker the whole way. Two of our new boat buddies with kids we had been hanging with (Moby and Fata Morgana) also decided to come today so  the kids have their friends. They both have catamarans (51ft and 38ft respectively). We are all about to go for drinks and pot luck dinner on Fata Morgana so this is just a quick update.

With the 3 of us coming in today, we effectively doubled the boat population here from 3 to 6!  A nice change from our last anchorage in Bora Bora, where we counted 20 boats yesterday!

Our plan is to stay here for a few days or week...or more and start watching for weather windows for the next few legs. We have roughly another 3,000 miles to cover to get to NZL by December so have much fun and adventures lying ahead of us :)

All the best to all following our progress and especially all our love to our families back home!!!!
Kind regards Dave, Guds, Ben and Gaby.

Entering the pass at Maupiti

Starboard side of the pass with lookout!


  1. Ohoy Dave, Guds and family. I was sent the link to your Cool Runnings blog for the first time today and I am so excited to make contact after all these years. I will be following your adventures with earnest from now on.
    Kindest regards.
    Sean Rushton

  2. Hi what an awesome surprise to get the above this morning!!!! Guds & I where just talking about you the other day and wondering how you guys are!!!! Hope all is well with you all and so nice to hear from you!!! All the best and definitely stay in email when I have internet (like now) is us an email so I can get your contact details!!!!

    Kind regards