Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cool Runnings, Lagoon 400, Gadji Bay New Caledonia Nov 2016 drone footage


  1. Hi Dave. I see you guys have caught up with Bruce. We are also looking at Lagoon 400's to do the sea change thing. Are you headed for WA? Big welcome awaits in Fremantle. Cheers Colin.

    1. Hi Colin...awesome to hear from you...its been a while since we last saw you guys in Perth/Fremantle!!! Would be great to catch up again. Not sure if we will get as low as Freemantle...but hopefully as far as The Kimberlies / Broome area before heading out across the Indian ocean. My email is dthibberd@gmail.com to chat more off line, but highly recommend the Lagoon 400 ...its done us well and then some.