Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 7 of Passage to Seychelles : Gaby Reports

I may just hand over blog duties to Gaby! I have been enjoying her reports back to family at home so much, I decided to share again. I hope you enjoy them too!

Today was David's birthday! Although we were at sea, it turned out to be a great day and Gaby will tell you all about it below.

We are currently 18 miles from Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, on the island of Mahe. It is almost 3:00am and I can see the glow of the city lights on the horizon... a strange sight to see after so many weeks of isolation! After the last squall passed about an hour ago, the wind is now light and we are just crawling along, trying to time an early morning arrival. I look forward to sharing updates from our time here, but in the meantime, Gaby reports on Day 7 at sea:

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The winds today are quite weak with a few gusts every now and then... We arrive in Seychelles tommorow and I'm so excited to get there! It looks amazing! There are rocks there that are so beautiful and scientest's don't even know why they are so beautiful and how they formed like that. There are also giant tortoises there which are "only found in Galapagos".😒 It looks like a nice place to swim and have bonfires!

Today is also daddy's birthday!!! We had bacon and eggs with toast for breakfast, and we just made bread and are currently making a cake for daddy!🍰 We have been playing old CD's all day and they keep replaying so I'm kind of getting tired of the same songs. 😂

Of course since its the last day, we are cleaning and vacuuming everywhere even on daddy's birthday! Also, we have had a action packed day with lots of marine life!
This morning while the CD's where playing over and over we spotted some smallish splashes. Of course daddy calls,"WHALES!", but obviously they are too small splashes to be whales so they were either fish or dolphins! It turns out there was a huge school of tuna jumping out of the water! We quickly hurried to the stern to put out the fishing rods. "FISH ON!", Ben shouted as he heard the fishing lines buzz. We had something huge but it broke the line and took the lure with it! :( After that we had a big pod of dolphins jumping at our bow for a while. They are so beautiful and graceful! We also saw a baby dolphin!!🐬

Almost the exact same thing happened later. We saw some splashes like the other so we knew it was another school of tuna. They jumped out of the water completely and we could see that they were at least 2-3 feet long!!! There were also some dolphins jumping around so they were also probably fishing. We let out the fishing lines once more and a moment later we heard BZZZZ! I went to go see the dolphins at the bow and I even got a video of them and I can't wait to show it to you when we get back! The fish stayed on the line a long time and we thought we had caught a dolphin!!! 😵 Luckily it wasn't a dolphin because it would have to come up for air but the fish got off the line again but didn't take our lure thank goodness!!!

We opened daddy's presents this morning too. Thank you Granny for daddy's biltong! His one other present was a painting of "Picnic Island" that I painted in Chagos. We are going to have the cake soon and I'm really excited!

Well we have finally changed the CD so I'm happy now and I hope you all are too!

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  1. Wow Gaby, great blog. I was thinking about the one year I was in Florida with you for your birthday, and it must be so different celebrating on the boat. But I'm sure that even though there aren't loads of presents you'll probably all remember these birthdays as being really special. Lots of love to you all and enjoy the Seychelles. I think that you might meet some South Africans there. They go there lots for holidays.

    1. Funny you say that... we're not sure if we're actually in the Seychelles. We think we may have landed in South Africa instead!! ;-)