Thursday, March 31, 2016

Target Departure

Another small delay and today was meant to be our departure date, but we have pushed it back another week.....the new "burn the dock-lines" date is now April 8th, Friday......aggghhhh ;) Good thing though as the weather today and next day or so is headwinds down to the FL Keys!!!

We have all been at it full ball trying to get going this week, but again its incredible how much there is to wrap up and how much time packing/sorting takes....but we are getting there ;) The boat is pretty loaded and we still have more to put on, so will be a challenge to find creative space.....Adrian & Garrick you better just bring 1 swimsuit, sunscreen and a hat....that is all the space you have ;)

Thanks for everyone's support and interest!!!


  1. So sorry for your troubles, but I'm sure your voyage will happen soon! And once you are off, all stress will just fade away. Very excited for you! ~ Cindy

  2. Thanks Cindy...looking forward to that 1st cold beer on the way down to Key West ;) Miss you all and cant believe its been 1 month since I left Westfield !!!!

  3. David! Give a wave when you pass by Naples. I am excited to follow your family journey. Travel safe and may the wind be at your back.

    Matt Barger

    1. Thanks Matt...I will do one better and raise my beer in toast as I head past Naples ;) All the best my friend!

  4. Sorry to hear about your delay as I know you guys are anxious to leave! Tell the kids hello and "mom" Boitnott also sends her regards!! We miss you!

  5. Hi Gaby and Benjamin - We are so excited to hear and see what you are going to do on your trip but also sad to see you go. Isabel and Ava Hysell

  6. Hello crew!! Sorry David but one swimsuit just don't cut it....LOL
    Good luck and have a beer for me.