Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One more delay ;(

Sadly we have one more delay....hopefully the last one....and the new date we have set to depart Madeira Beach is next week Friday or Saturday (4/15 or 4/16). Lots of reasons, but main one is unfortunately to get the boat hauled out to fit a ground plate (Dynaplate) for the SSB radio. I had tried an alternative to this (a KISS counterpoise), but so far have not been happy with the results, so we are biting the bullet now and spending the extra to fit a tried and tested ground plate while we still have easy access to everything/facilities in the USA.

Still plugging along on the "to do list" and yesterday got the outside storage shelves installed, new powerful spot lights installed on the bows (for spotting crab pots etc at night...mainly in Florida waters). We have the boat about 80% packed, but still no food/provisions yet. It has definitely gone down about 1" to 1 1/2" in waterline as we have loaded everything as its been "light ship" for so long. We also had the boat detailed over the last 4 days, so its finally looking shiny again!!!

Anyway back to work for me ...up since 4.30am which seems to be the norm these days and normally finish around 8pm, so many long days of preparation.....we are looking forward to those drinks ;)
A different view of the boat - we had to flip her to have the sides polished.
She's usually in the slip with the bows facing toward the canal

Shiny Cool Runnings - itching to get going

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  1. Dave, we are in Tampa and recently purchased a Lagoon 500 - would love to talk with you and get your thoughts on the customizations you needed to do for just such a trip. Our email is - if you have a few we would like to connect.