Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sunday 4/17/16 Planned departure

OK....quick update...looks like we are all set to was the day, but wind is going to be howling tonight, so we are rather leaving tomorrow and also gives us today to wrap up loose ends at home. The boat is basically ready & loaded ;)

More to come as we sail down towards the keys over the next 3 days....then 2 days in Key West, out to Dry Tortuga's for a day or so, then on to either Cayman Islands or straight to the San Blas Islands depending on wind/how we are feeling ;)

Thanks for everyone's help in the final days of prep!!


  1. Good Luck guys, and smooth sailing to you. We miss you.

  2. Heading to Sanibel on my buddy's 68' Viking. 8 couples. It would be incredible to cross paths before your epic. You have my cell. Stop in if u are close. My wife's girlfriends bday.

    If not travel safe and I cannot wait to get updates.

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  4. Bon Voyage Hibberd family! We will miss you;)
    Love from all of us

  5. Gudrun - LOVE Dry Tortugas... have fun!