Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And we are FINALLY off!!!!! 3pm on 4/26/16 we left Key West

Well its finally happened...we are officially leaving US soil.....the last thing I touched was a dock pole as we left Key West after fueling up one last time in the USA ;)

So far so good after a crazy day yesterday!!! As you probably have read I blew up the invertor as we were about to leave on Sunday. I woke up yesterday at 4am...drove it up to Ft.Lauderdale to get repaired, and got back to KW at 4.30pm the same day. Quickly installed and tested it and then jumped in the rental car to return it to the airport. OH WELL did I learn a big lesson....do not speed in Key West!!!!! I was pulled over right at the airport doing 51 in a 30 zone.....all because I was trying to avoid the late car rental fee ;(

Fast forward to today after we stayed up till 2am doing the drivers course to avoid points on my license, I had to go to the court house to get the actual fine as I was so far over the speed limit ;( Well I took my sorry ass in there, presented my drivers education certificate, and had to cough up $281 in fine money....will never do that again, but thats all behind us now!!!

As we get miles under us and slide down the waves under sail I can already feel the stress fading....finally ;)))))))))

Here is a quick video of us sailing away into the distance a few minutes ago:

Us leaving Key West today on 1st big leg ;)

Bon Voyage everyone and all the best...we will miss you all!!! You can still track us on the "track us here" tab on the blog but we wont be able to send updates in word for about 2 weeks.



  1. Holy cow, David. When do you finally get to sleep?

    I hope all goes well over the next 2 weeks. I'll be thinking about you guys and eagerly awaiting your next post. Safe journeys!

  2. Great news! Now that you have all your issues behind you it should be smooth sailing!

  3. What else could go wrong? I think you've had your 3 year allocation of bad luck all together at the start of your trip, so it will be plain sailing from here on...

    We are thinking of you. Keep the posts coming, we are following your trip every step of the way

    Love D,K,T,M

  4. Problems ALWAYS occur when we rush in life, sometimes you have to tell yourself to slow down, but you already know this. Enjoy the sailing!!

  5. Didn't you know your only allow to speed on the water except for certain areas and not on the highway. Sorry to hear about the ticket that was a big speeding ticket and at least you don't have to worry about it and now your out in the deep blue wonder. Take care good luck and we do miss you guys.

    1. Sorry Benjamin I missed your birthday happy belated birthday. Take care.

  6. Just checked the speed of the boat and you seem to be within the limit. Looking forward to the next update.

  7. Happy Birthday Benjamin!! Unfortunately we cannot get hold of you today and you will only see this in several days time, but we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you on your special day. Hope you have a nice day out on the ocean :)

    Love D, K, T, M

  8. Happy Birthday Ben we love you all.

  9. Happy Birthday Ben! I hope you are having tons of fun!
    Love from B , T, C , A, K

  10. Happy Mother's Day, Guds! Make the most of your Mother's Day celebration in Grand Cayman & go snorkeling for sure. The under water sights are amazing! Look forward to your next update. Always enjoy reading about your adventures!
    Love from abctk