Thursday, July 7, 2016

185 miles to go

Hello all...Dave reporting with under 200 miles remaining at 6 pm local time...which is -9.5hrs behind GMT or UTC!!!!

As I write this we have Christopher Cross playing the song "when you get caught between the moon & NYC".....the wind has died and we have been motoring since 5am this morning. Seas have calmed a bit so motoring along at about 5knots.

All has gone well since I last did an update. A few highlights I can remember.....

On Tuesday night we had our strongest consistent winds of this leg....15 to 23 knots of wind all night and into most of the morning. We had just the spinnaker up the entire time and were consistently doing over 9 knots. Adrian had a 12.1 knot surf during his nightshift and you could feel the boat literally humming. It's amazing how the noise levels increase when you are sailing over 8 knots consistently!!!!

In the morning the wind was still blowing consistently about 18 to 22 knots and I started hand steering to try and beat Adrian's record 12.1 knot speed. I was soon rewarded with a surf at 14.7 knots down a swell. We had a rooster tail coming out the back of the boat we were going so fast ;)

Sadly the wind died at around noon and sailing at 7 knots felt like we were crawling along!!! That was our best 24 hour run as we did 189 miles. It looked like we could possibly arrive on July 8th!!! Unfortunately that was short lived as wind died throughout last night. By this morning the GPS showed a 10pm arrival so when the winds completely died we decided to just delay arrival to July 9th early morning so we arrive in daylight and get to actually see the beautiful islands we have been dreaming of for the last 3 weeks!!!!!

This afternoon we caught 3 nice black fin Tuna!!!! So dinner tonight is rice and FRESH tuna!!!!!!

Finally I am attaching a beautiful sunset from last night as we still had the spinnaker up...enjoy as we did!!!

Two more nights at sea and we should arrive in the beautiful Marquesas Islands, Bay of Virgins.....Google an image of this bay if you have time.....It looks spectacular!!!

All the best to our family and friends and everyone following our blog.....Thanks as always for your news, comments and encouragement!!!!

Cheers Dave and the Coolrunnings crew!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the update and enjoy landfall when you get there. Looks amazing!