Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cool Runnings band

Hi all...Dave on nightshift AGAIN!!!! 

This is getting tiring and can't wait for a full nights sleep soon in a calm anchorage!!!! We have 477 miles to cover before that happens!!!!

All is well aboard....obviously we all are talking about seeing land for the first time in a long 3 weeks!!! Our current arrival varies between 7/8 and 7/9 depending on wind and boat speed at the time.

I thought I would attach a picture of Ben and Gaby having some fun....Our very own live band!!!!

Our resident bird (Oreo) flew off at first light this morning after resting on our boat for over 24 hours. She waddled off to the back of the boat....jumped into the water and took off flying a few seconds later!!!

We will be meeting up with a French sailboat that has two kids aboard in Marquesas so will be nice for Ben and Gaby to have some company after being with adults for 3 weeks solid. We met them while in Panama. This boat w ent straight from Panama to Marquesas...not stopping in Galapagos. They took 29 days and have no water maker so hats off to them!!!!

Any that's all for now...the wind is gusting over 20's pitch dark and the spinnaker is up with us sailing/surfing along at 8.5 to 9 I better pay attention!!!!!

All the best to our family and friends around the world!!!!

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