Friday, August 5, 2016

Photo Update - The Best of the Galapagos-Part 1

For the first time since Panama, being in Tahiti has given us access to internet fast enough to upload pictures!  So I thought I would make the most of it, and do some photo update posts, to share some of our experiences through the eye of the camera lens.  I'll start with the Galapagos Islands:
The Cool Runnings crew stop at a tiny restaurant on the way back from Puerto Chino, San Cristobal, Galapagos.  This is also where we bought that beautiful bunch of bananas for $2!
Ben and Gaby enjoying the beach at Puerto Chino, June 2016, Galapagos

Gaby makes friends with a sandy seal - Puerto Chino

Time for haircuts!!  San Cristobal, Galapagos, June 2016
Darwin's finch:  This little fellow was sitting on our boat

The seals were EVERYWHERE!  Here a baby lies with its mom, while another plays in the water behind them
San Cristobal, Galapagos

And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere:

Then of course, we had the marine iguanas.  Charles Darwin found them so hideous, he called them "Imps of Darkness".  I actually thought they were so ugly they were cute!

Speaking of Darwin, Gaby and Ben meet with the man himself:

Well, that doesn't seem like many pictures, but my connection seems to be giving me trouble, and I am unable to upload any more tonight.  So, consider this Part 1, more to come!  Enjoy!


  1. Safe travels to you four. I know it is not an easy trip. You kids are getting the education of a lifetime. I have been stopping and saying "Hi" to your parents occasionally. If you need anything done on this end, my email address is

    Regards to you all,
    John H.

    1. Thanks John.....great to hear from you and thanks for keeping and eye on my folks and Normandy Road for us!!! There have been some tough times but they are quickly forgotten and the good times always prevail ;) Miss the whole of Normandy crowd....thanks again and kind regards!!!!

    2. hey dave and crew! love keeping track of you guys! I have my citizenship now and I should have my passport soon , maybe sometime I can come join you for a bit? all looks so amazing! you all are an inspiration. safe travels!

    3. Thanks Tim.....great to hear from you. Congratulations on citizenship!!!! Would be good to catch up in some nice location!!! All the best my friend :-)

    4. thanks dave looking forward to it !