Saturday, August 6, 2016

Photo Update - The Pacific Crossing

What do you do for 19 days at sea?  Here's a photographic timeline:

You sleep...

You take photos of amazing sunsets

You bake, eat and enjoy banana bread, because the bunch of bananas you bought in Galapagos all ripened at once!

You get kitted up and prepared for the pirate attack ;-)  Thank you, Adrian for the demonstration

You enjoy on board entertainment by the latest band

You take more photos of sunsets

And a few more for good measure
You go up the mast with the jib up to make repairs. (Yes, that dark dot at the top of the mast is Dave!)

You count the miles and celebrate when you reach half way and have 1,500 miles left to go!  The date at the top was our ETA...luckily we were able to improve that and it ended up being July 9th and not 11th!  Yay!  1500 is the distance still to go.  5.4 was our speed at the time.
You watch in amazement when more than 40 dolphins swim and play around your boat for about an hour!
You celebrate the break in the monotony the dolphins bring!
And you absolutely OOH and AHH when the dolphins jump out of the water in a special show just for you!
You give shelter to a bird that the kids name "Oreo" and feed it tuna from a can, from your hands, and are both happy and sad when it leaves on it's own accord after a full day and a full night under the cockpit table
You contemplate life...

You take random pictures

And more pictures 
And you get VERY excited when the time comes to hoist the French Polynesian courtesy flag, because that means you're just about there!!
And you take one more sunrise photo because this is the last one of the passage
And then it's all over and you've crossed the Pacific Ocean!!

Now, those of you read "Dave's Daily Updates" during our crossing would know there's a lot I have left out with regard to breakages, repairs, multiple trips up the mast, fishing boats approaching in the night, and unsettled seas, but I didn't take any photos of those things (except the one of the trip up the mast), and honestly, the hard times are quickly forgotten, and the realization that we crossed 3,000 miles of ocean overshadows any tough times we had!


  1. Hi there, great to see all the photgraphs and read the stories from your pacific crossing and from the Galapgos islands. Glad to see that you all are healthy and made with no serious incidents. Enjoy your time on Tahiti! All the best from Germany

  2. Gudrun, Dave, this is so cool!! You guys said you were going to do this and now you are on the other side of the world! I love your boat. The kids look great. This website is awesome! Keep up the adventuring and sharing. Sorry we have lost contact for the last few years, considering we up and moved away so quickly. Can't wait to see more action and adventure. -Thomas and Sarah Thorjusen

  3. Thanks Tom and good to hear from you both and thanks for following us and leaving a comment. We often wonder how you guys are getting on and was nice to catch up with Tom a while back when he sent us some pictures of your new home with boat out front....very cool!!! All the best to you and the girls!!!! PS...we need Tom's maths teaching skills for our homeschooling!!!!