Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One Year Down the Line...

Yesterday was April 17th, and this marked the 1 year anniversary of our trip. At times it seems as if we just left, and then other times, it seems as if it was a lifetime ago. If I think of the experiences we’ve had, the countries we’ve visited and the friends we’ve made in this short year, then, yes…it’s enough to pack into a lifetime! But a year goes by so quickly, and I know that when I write this blog in April 2018, our journey will be almost over, and at times I can’t bear to think of what that means, and how we all will feel.

For me, personally, I find it difficult to put into words how this experience has affected me. We had such a rough start to our journey that we came very close to just turning around and calling it quits. But we didn’t. And I think that’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt. You don’t quit. You don’t give up. You keep going. And the experience makes you stronger. No matter how hard that lesson is, you learn from it. I think I’m a more confident person now, and I’ve seen my children grow and become more confident in so many aspects of their lives. I feel pride when I watch them introduce themselves to yet another new person, with a strong handshake, direct eye contact, and clear, loud voice: “Hi, I’m Gaby”, and, “Hello, I’m Ben”. I feel joy when Gaby says she loves sailing, and I am amazed when I watch Ben maneuver the big boat, and zip around in the dinghy as if it’s all second nature to him! I feel confidence in my own ability to handle the boat, (and of course, continued amazement in how Dave manages to sail and maneuver this boat!), and I feel astonishment and pride when I look at a world map, and realize that we’ve sailed half way around the world on our little floating home. The same one that sat in front of our house, at our dock in Madeira Beach, Florida, and is now cruising in Australia, having delivered us safely back to Bundaberg today.  But most of all, I feel love for Dave, for getting us here, for making his dream our dream, and being the driving force behind making it all happen.  Without him, we couldn't and wouldn't be on this journey.  "Dodgy Dave", we love you...here's to the next year and all the adventures that lie ahead!.

The crew on Cool Runnings a year ago.  This was taken the day before we left.  We were exhausted from all the preparations, and a little apprehensive about leaving.  But we did.  And I'm so glad we did...!


  1. Wow! 1 year has gone by so quickly! I cannot believe it... Congratulations to the Cool Runnings Gang. And Guds, that is a beautifully written piece :)

    1. Thanks D! Can't wait to see you all soon!!

  2. WOW what a great email and I cannot believe it has been a year already. Congratulations to all and you should be proud of yourselves. It took a lot of courage, faith and love in each other to embark on this journey. So proud of you all sending much love and big hugs

  3. It has been such a thrill to follow your adventures. God speed.

    Mary Osterbrock

  4. Well-written & wonderfully expressed, G! Yes, I was sorting through old emails the other day & also realised it's now a year. So proud of you all! I've also noticed how the kids have grown in that time, not only physically, but obviously also in terms of maturity. Truly, the experience of a lifetime! Here's to a wonderful reunion in December - we'll have a fair bit to talk about! :-)
    Much Love!
    T xx